Would you like to join the Moth Migration Project and be included in exhibitions? You do not need to be an artist. Individuals and groups are encouraged to apply. Everyone from any part of the world is welcome.

Please read and follow the details below.

March 1, 2019, Bundaberg Regional Galleries, Bundaberg Australia,  and  Gympie Regional Gallery. Installing exhibition at Gympie Regional Gallery – April 23-27 and  April 29 to May 4 at Bundaberg. Exhibition Opening May 5. Volunteer installers welcome!!


  • Color: black, white or grey paper and or/ink (off-white, cream or light tan is fine) – No color
  • Size: No larger than 10″ (26 cm)and no smaller than 1″ (2.5cm).
  • Paper weight can be variable, from about 30g/m to 270g/m.
  • Matte paper only please – No Glossy Paper – No “printer paper.”
  • Species:  Please consider researching and making your regional moth.
  • Mediums: Cut paper, linocut, lithography, etching, laser cut, silkscreen, letterpress, drawing, watercolor, paint; Please no photograph no digital prints, no computer printouts, no origami
  • When in doubt keep image plain and simple
  • Make at least 5 of the same moth for visual grouping; you may make as many moths as you like.
  • Print name, city or town, state or province, country on the back of each moth if possible.
  • Register at Moth Migration Form:
  • Documentation: All artists locations will be documented at MothMigrationProject.Net.
  • Important: Moth shape must be cut out of paper. Please do not send moth with any background image or paper — just the outside contour as seen in the top image.
  • Send to: Professor Hilary Lorenz, Department of Art, Long Island University, 1 University Plaza, Brooklyn, NY 11201 USA
  • Share your photos progress and completed moth photos on our FB group page, Moth Migration Project

Fine Print: Due to the volume of contributors I am unable to return the moths. Each exhibition is well documented, and all photos will be available from my website. Your contribution will also be noted on my website and your name listed at each exhibition.  There are no fees and no exchange of money involved. Your moths are carefully catalogued, put into a database, stamped with an ID and put into an individual envelope. The archive is available for multiple traveling multiple exhibitions.

If you have any problems, please email me at